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Announcement: Hans Lak's Facebook account was disabled !!!‏

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Dave Dillon Admin

[/b]Announcement: Hans Lak's Facebook account was disabled !!!‏
From: Causes (apps+p1wkh_3i@facebookappmail.com)
Sent: 24 April 2009 08:57:39
To: Dave Dillon (taffhollybuzz@live.com)

Hans Pfister posted an announcement to the cause Wildlifefoundation Whaledefenders .

Hans Lak's Facebook account was disabled !!!
Just now that the fight against commercial whaling needs all the people power in the world! Please send out some invitations to recruit more whaledefenders!
Here's the update: Facebook purposefully obscures this process to make it harder for spammers to game their system. Unfortunately, they're creating a Kafkaesque nightmare for the thousands of innocents who get caught in their web.
Read all about it in his one person can make a difference blog!
It has been one week now without a reaction from Facebook!
We need full power to stop commercial whaling especially in May!

How should Facebook change its account disabling policy?

This open call for ideas is a response to these conversations:


I think we can all appreciate that Facebook is focused on creating a safe, spam-free environment made up of real people. That's why so many of us are there, right?

But it doesn't make sense for us to go on investing ourselves into a system that will 1.) abruptly terminate our accounts for the merest suspicion of unacceptable activities, 2.) provide scant evidence of our misdeeds, and 3.) give us such vague remedies for resolving in a timely and predictable manner. This kind of system asks us to abandon our online social experience to a closed and authoritarian police state, albeit one that lets me "poke" my friends Wink

I'd hate for Facebook to think that its success is *due* to its closed, top-down processes (rather than despite of them). Either way, I'm sure that the Facebook community can suggest some alternative approaches that will promote FB's core values while still embracing the transparency and humanism that sustains the most vibrant online communities.

What do you think?

Join this people powered customer service site!
Many whaledefenders have been disabled before and many whaledefenders will be disabled! With your help we can change this!


Lets try to reach 10.000 whaledefenders together and
10.000 signatures for the polar bear petition!

One person CAN make a difference!

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