A forum/web page dedicated to raising awareness of abused animals all over the world. Aiming to raise money to wipe out the abuse of animals.

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Axel Ritt has had a massive input to our cause. A big thank you Axel.

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Artist Axel Ritt
Country Germany
Band(s) Domain
Style Classic Rock
Uses Powertone II and TS412 cabinets
Website http://www.axelritt.com / http://www.domainband.net

Axel Ritt
-The Sense Of Life-

"The main thing in my sense of life is the respect for every creature on this earth and the understanding for their fears and worries, espacially when they´re not able to speak for themselves like animals and little children.

I´m very old-fashioned regarding the values of life, basing on the (unfortunately drippy sounding) words -Defend The Good and Fight The Ill-

-The Way Of Life-

"Based on my attitude, I´m commited to the animal protection, supporting any kind of animal rights organisation like P.E.T.A. for example. Please check out the links-page at this site to receive an impression of the work of these organisations.

I´m a vegetarian from now on 25 years, knowing that any kind of meat-consumption is the application to murder. The human body does not need any meat to get in good condition, so I can´t take the responsibillity for slaying animals in my name, who are able to feel the same pain and fears as I do. I abominate hunting, fishing and any kind of animal experiments.

Meals And Drinks:

"I´m a big fan of everything that keeps my body in good condition, espacially high quality organic food. Ten years ago, a German TV-Education show exposes me with green tea and since that day, it separated me from coffee and became my favorite drink.
I love spicy food, no matter if it´s in European, Asian or American tradition, the hotter, the better.
For ardent spirits, I prefer Original Russian Vodka, Highland Malt Whisky and cold German Red Wine (I know, everybody tells me it has to be well-temperatured, but I like it cold...)


"We have two dogs, Kim and Merlin, an Irish-Setter she-dog and an Australian Sheppard male-dog. The setter is very cuddly, calm and affable, the sheppard is loud, hyper-active and high-energetic. Some people say, the are the perfect affigy of my wife and myself ;-))

"Since I gave up smoking 25 years ago, I can´t stand smoking in every closed room. And I´m a typical German regarding punctuality and credibleness, so I have big problems with unpuntuality and unreliability."

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