A forum/web page dedicated to raising awareness of abused animals all over the world. Aiming to raise money to wipe out the abuse of animals.

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Great cause that looks for and returns to owners their missing dogs.

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Subject: Thank you - joined your group for abused animals Read how there are so many - no matter they all can work together.Love how you set yours up allowing members to post abused animalsMost of those other sites do not let the members post.They are missing so much by doing that.Appreciate your site being here allowing us to post My group is for Missing Pets - probably many are stolen pets.Seems to be something no one calls abuse or thinks of that way.But let me tell you it sure is mental abuse to the animal at bare minimum.Our Smiley and many others were forced to leave their homes.That is abduction. Just imagine that animals fear of not knowing what is happening or why. For our Smiley left behind was both canine and humans that still grieve for him today. Not knowing if he is safe or was used as a bait dog, breeder or taken in a dog fight raid to be in investigations for years only to be destroyed.

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