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Email from a proud game hunter also a friend of Hon Julie A Mogenis ( A Big Suprise)

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Email from a proud game hunter also a friend of Hon Julie A Mogenis ( A Big Suprise)
Between You and Hennie Viljoen

Today at 4:15pm
Report MessageI am a hunter. Professional hunter. To hunt animals is is living....that makes me a lover of animals...not a animal lover. Big difference. We as hunter have respect for the full bioversity. Fauna and Flora. I am a active contributor to conservation and see the foot print of people hoe do not understand what is about. Do you think it is normal (balanced) for a sheep and a duck to huge? a Man hugging a Man? a Lion hugging a Impala?

Do you except rodan's, natural disasters....? What have you done for human kind today? People are staving...people don't have food.

What do you guys eat?......Veggies? Good...that is part of the total bioversity which needed to be protected...not just animals. I spend my live in the wild, I see, I hear, I feel and it makes me mad to think that people in BIG cities are criticising the hunting / the managing of figures in the wild. Please..I dear you to book a safaris with us....and I promise you that you will go back home as a new person. a Person that will have inside of the living conditions of human how depant on hunting. Concervation Park depanding on hunting because the "greenies" DO NOT CONTRIBUTE !

I you should spend the same energy on someething possive the world will be a beter place.... I am anti-war....I am anti-child abuse...I an ant-family abuse.

Please wake up !

Dave Dillon Reply

Today at 5:11pm
WHATEVER! So only the hunters will save our planet! Get back into the real world and stop hiding behind the trees. If you think we contribute nothing to this world and human kind as you so fondly put it you are as wrong as the killings you perform. I'm wide awake thank you and my conscience is clear and I do contribute much more to mankind than you could ever catch up on.
Alarm call for Hennie and his partner in crime Hon Julie A Mogenis

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