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Save Wolves - Email recieved from another needy cause. If you can help please do so.

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Dear david, Thank you for taking part in "The Big Howl." Your message urging the Interior Secretary to put wolves back onthe endangered species list will help us create a huge nationaloutcry in favor of wolf protection. If you didn't have an opportunity to hear the wolf howl, I hopeyou will take a moment to listen to it now by clicking thislink:http://www.savebiogems.org/wolves/biogems_bighowl_confirmation.html This wolf howl is a poignant reminder of why we must act swiftlyto save the wolves of the Northern Rockies from slaughter. Now I need you to take one more action right now -- so we cancompel the Interior Secretary to call off the guns before May 4,when the wolf's federal protection will be lifted and thekilling will start. Go to our "Tell Your Friends" page:www.savebiogems.org/bighowl_friends and forward my invitationasking your friends and family to join "The Big Howl" rightaway. We need more than one million Americans to speak out to savewolves. If your friends tell ten more friends, we can turn up the volumeon "The Big Howl" in time to shield the wolves from slaughter. So please, spread the word to everyone you know -- right now! www.savebiogems.org/bighowl_friends Sincerely, Frances BeineckePresidentNatural Resources Defense Council P.S. After you invite your friends to join "The Big Howl",you'll have a chance to hear an entire wolf pack howling inunison. It's another important reminder of what's at stake --since whole wolf packs could be wiped out unless we prevail onthe Interior Department to call off the guns! P.P.S. You can also help spread the word about "The Big Howl" onFacebook by clicking here:https://www.facebook.com/share.php?u=http://www.savebiogems.org/big_howl/&t=big_howl . . . Save BioGems: The Place to Protect Wildlife and WildlandsA project of the Natural Resources Defense Councilhttp://www.savebiogems.org To update your information, including your email or mailingaddress, visit your subscription management page athttp://www.nrdconline.org/biogemscenter/smp.tcl?nkey=ee678bkzpn&

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