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Doggie State ID Tags and Cheers for Chain Off: DDB News 7/15/09‏

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Doggie State ID Tags and Cheers for Chain Off: DDB News 7/15/09‏
From: Your DDB Team (tammy@dogsdeservebetter.org)
To: taffhollybuzz@live.com

Doggie State ID Tags and Cheers for Chain Off: DDB News 7/15/09

Dear David,

Three Cheers for Chain Off!

"I asked Danielle and Rebecca to put themselves in the animals' 'paws' and tell me just how it felt to be chained to a tree in over 100 degree heat for 12 hours. Rebecca answered that, although there is no way to really get in their 'paws,' her first thought was how terrible it must be to know that you will 'live this life day after day, year after year! I would lose my mind.'"--Jack Dunning, Phoenix News You Can Use, about the Arizona Chain Off.

"See Spot. See Spot run. Don't see Spot chained.That was the message Winter Springs animal activist Bryan Wilson wore on his T-shirt this Fourth of July during the second-annual Chain Off, a protest against tethering dogs outside for extended periods of time. Wilson has spent the last two years lobbying Seminole County to prohibit extensive chaining of animals outside, a practice Wilson calls inhumane. And the goal may be achieved soon." Read More

New Jersey Chain Off: Lauren Blann, from SPCA, fights a failing economy & weather conditions and still manages to complete their Chain-Off.

Richmond, VA Chain Off: Lisa Compton does an all out PR blitz to draw attention to DDB's Chain-Off and the plight of dogs in VA.

Indiana Chain Off: Marie Belanger uses her tears over JoJo to give her the strength to battle the rain during her Chain-Off event.

If you completed your Chain Off, PLEASE send in your updates to Rocky@dogsdeservebetter.org ASAP!

To see more of the over 120 people who wore chains for dogs, visit the locations page at: http://www.dogsdeservebetter.org/ChainOff09/chainoff2009locations.html

Our Main Event Chain Off in Greensville, SC was the BEST EVER in terms of local awareness raised. Details to come next e-news, but a BIG Thanks goes out to Mikael Hardy of Pawsitive Effects for her hard work, Susan Hartland, DDB Washington Rep, and Rhonda Sims, Freedom Train Founder, who really pulled out all the stops to make sure the event went off without a hitch.

DDB Area Rep Spotlight - Marla Dakes

Meet Marla Dakes, DDB's Akron, Ohio Rep. Below is her story of how she went from supporting DDB to becoming and area Rep.

Marla with her 3-legged dog, Dexter & her
daugher at this year's Chain-Off.

I started as a volunteer with DDB in 2006 and could not take it anymore, all the pain and suffering I saw. So I became a rep for Ohio in 2007. I have had over 30 dogs through my home since then and loved every minute of it.

Baby was my first "critical" rescue... The owners contacted us after receiving a brochure. Baby had an embedded choke collar & one stage from maggots.

After vet care and lots of TLC, I had to return her to the owner who signed a paper to never chain her again. But after only a week he called me and said she was just too much. I was there in 5 minutes. Baby lived with us and our pack for 3 months where she became one of the sweetest, smartest most loving dogs I have ever encountered.

She was adopted by a family in Bellbrook, Ohio where she goes to work with her new daddy and works in the barn with him. She has learned her boundries so she has free reign of the farm.

Baby now known as Sadie will hold a special place in my heart forever, I think of her often and I miss her still.

I have changed the world for a lot of dogs and changed the opinions of a lot of people through my work with DDB. I would never do anything different and I hope to change some laws here in Ohio sooner rather than later.

To listen to the fabulous radio interview with Marla about why she would participate in Chain Off, click here.

Marla, you Rock!

Join DDB on Facebook and Twitter!

If you're looking for quick info on what DDB is up to, please become a fan on Facebook or join us on Twitter.

If you'd like to help out the dogs across the nation who deserve so much better then please join our Cause on Facebook and add your voice (and a donation if you can) for the voiceless we need to protect. (Join the DDB Cause on Facebook NOW so that you can be included in the upcoming challenge)

Have a Facebook page? Become a Fan of Dogs Deserve Better at this Link

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This Year's Chain Off Drew Over 120 People, Our BEST EVER and a RECORD!

A GREAT BIG THANK YOU to all those who have participated in this year's Chain-Off events!!

Every year more and more people are standing up for dogs all across the nation and even the world and its a great movement to join.

If you were unable to be a part of this wonderfully eye-opening event this year, please consider blocking out a day this time next year to join us in your community. It will be an experience you won't soon forget.

These animals cannot speak for themselves, in some cases they can't even stand for themselves, so we need your help to speak up and stand up for them. Don't just shake your head in disgust or turn your eyes away in sorrow - SPEAK UP, support DDB, make a donation, help to get legislation passed in your area, or educate those around you. The only way to see change is to MAKE changes and sometimes this starts with ourselves. Don't let your silence be a death sentence for an innocent animal.

If you couldn't participate in an actual event you can still particpate via the internet. You don't even need to be a Chain Off chainee in order to create your own fundraising page and raise funds for Chain Off! It's fun, you get to personalize it and tell everyone why you support this cause and why you want to raise money for the chained dogs. You'll feel proud when you too are raising funds that bring freedom to chained dogs across our nation and world!

It Took A Dog Named Maggy, by Joe Maringo, SPARRO founder and Executive Director

"One of my first memories as a young boy was of our family dogs, Molly, a collie, and her son Whiskey. Sometimes, if neighbors complained about the dogs running free, my parents would chain them up at the edge of our property to their doghouses. They where not really houses, but more like small lean-to's with canvas over them. Looking back, they were probably not much protection from the weather, and no help from the cold of winter."

Read more of Joe's story here...

53 Dogs and Counting! Dog a Day Summer Rescue Challenge Update

The Dog Days of Summer are in full swing and dogs are still suffering and even dying in the heat.

DDB Dog a Day summer challenge is rescuing many, but we are not quite there yet. Our goal is rescuing 90 Chained or Penned Dogs and getting them into foster families and vetted, and hopefully to new, inside, loving homes and families. We can do it with YOUR help.

So far, we have 53 dogs rescued and in foster care or on their way to new homes and families!

Take Dakota, the dog shown above, she was left chained to a tree on an uninhabited parcel of property until rescued by Belen Brisco, a Florida DDB rep. Read more about Dakota's rescue, as well as stories of some of the other 52 dogs now lovingly cared-for!

Who can foster? Fill out a foster form and get started.

Can't commit to fostering? Vetting 90 Dogs will cost a heck of a lot of money...can you donate through our website instead? Donations will help to vet these dogs and for our educational and fence-building campaigns?

If you rescue a formerly chained or penned dog, drop us an e-mail at info@dogsdeservebetter.org so we can count your rescue in our summer totals!
The Photo Book Project to Benefit DDB

Hurry & Reserve Your Copy Today!

Melissa McDaniel is a photographer creating two photo books - one on deaf dogs and one on rescue dogs. She met with Amanda Green, DDB representative in NM, last March to photograph DDB foster dog Sunny, and last month, photographed Fiona, a deaf pit bull mix who was adopted from DDB, as well. Fiona will be in the deaf dog book and Sunny will be in the rescue dog book.The photo books are in the process of being created and will be available at the end of 2009. For this initial printing, only a limited number will be printed.

If you buy now, you will not only reserve one of the limited numbers of books, but you will also receive the books at 25% off the future sales price. Make sure to choose DDB as your charity to receive the benefits of the book, and best of luck to Melissa in her goal to raise $300,000 for rescue efforts!

Pre-order the book

Stay tuned next time for updates on our Dog a Day Summer Challenge, and the push for a Pennsylvania Law with our Wall of Shame.


Jan Gilmer, DDB Director of Development, and The Dogs Deserve Better Team

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We've been asked repeatedly to put the designs on the back of our shirts, and now, thanks to the efforts of Rocky Shepheard, we have them on many of our shirts and wiill eventually have them on all our designs.

We're sporting fun new designs to make a difference for chained dogs this summer! Check them out in our cafepress store.

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