A forum/web page dedicated to raising awareness of abused animals all over the world. Aiming to raise money to wipe out the abuse of animals.

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Hard times for raising much needed funds to save lives.

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We need to think about giving even in the hard times, 500 £ or $ is not very much in the scheme of things but goes a long way to save ABUSED ANIMALS lives. Let’s raise 500 every month not a massive goal! In a cause with over 7500 members that is just it is less than 07 pence each not much to give. Do we really care? Or do we just like to join causes. I will start the ball rolling again this month with £10.oo and will continue to do so every month we reach our target. I know I can count on true animal lovers and I know that is what we in the cause are. I also know that if you do not donate it is not that you don’t care I realise how hard it is for many of you. I understand that paying into the cause via Paypal means you have to part with a hard earned £10.oo and I do not why they have this stupid minimum payment but there are other ways to pay if you contact me.
Thank you all in advance Dave

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